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logistics company testimonials

I did a general request for information and three out of the five I contacted responded to me. Of the three, one stood out amongst the rest; Schumacher. The others responded but just with a price and “let us know if you are serious”.

  • UPS is one of the largest logistics companies in the world, that was initially founded in Seattle, Washington as The American Messenger Company over 112 years ago.
  • And I should add I have had a number of moves incl.
  • Call us to see why our customers rave about our service.
  • In the USA, 10% of GDP is attributed to the logistics industry in any given year.
  • I have used Schumacher Cargo Logistics several times for overseas shipping of classic cars.

I never got a call from the representative and she never answered my three phone calls. No one at the company would answer, because it was Sunday and no one was in. I called dispatch back and had a heart to heart, promising I would find another moving company if they couldn’t assure us uss express delivery job review we could actually get moving, and somehow they came up with a truck. At one point, dispatch asked me to stop calling and just to text them, which I found ridiculous. The actual movers were great, they wore masks and were really polite and nice and I was happy with how they handled it.

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Stefan did a great job organizing the packing and loading. Please forward these comments to his supervisor. The delivery took 2.5 months, I don’t remember being given this piece information, uss express llc reviews and I couldn’t find any ETA in the documents that came with my order. Maybe communication could be improved on this point. All folks were personable, communicative, and professional.

logistics company testimonials

The process of logistics assists in efficient and effective transportation & storage of goods as well as planning of related services. When a marketplace seller uses the FBA services, they will receive warehousing, packing, and distribution of the items along with customer service assistance. All of this is very similar to what third-party logistics companies offer to ecommerce store owners. XPO Logistics — one of the top logistics companies worldwide — is an American transportation and logistics company that operates its services in over 30 countries. The company is popular due to providing its services to over 69 of the top Fortune 100 companies and has over 50,000 customers worldwide. XPO Logistics was founded in 1989 and its current headquarters are in Greenwich, Connecticut. In 2018 XPO Logistics brought in revenues of USD 16.65 billion — making it one of the biggest logistics companies in the world in both revenues, operations and brand value.

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I was concerned when i dropped the car off with their unit in Southampton as the normal vehicle inspection was repalced by a few photos. Mario was great on listening to my concerns and wrote me out a hand receipt amd provided me vital evergreen shipping info for the car. Evergreens shipment tracking system was fantastic and i was able to follow the container from beginning to the end . Schumacher had their freight forward customs broker handle all the work at the port.

logistics company testimonials

As a Supply Chain Manager we are always looking for a tailored program to meet our customer requirements. Global Net Logistics has developed a logistics program that fits our local, domestic, and international transportation needs. We are able to pick up the phone and Global Net Logistics team is there to fulfill our complicated requirements. Customer service is a priority with the Global Net Logistics team.

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We feel we trust the company based on meeting Mark and feel happy despite the nerves of relocating country with a family. Representative Mark Nichol did a excellent job at answering all my questions. He was patient and took the time to make sure I understood his explanations. From my very first contact with Nathan Stowell in the LA office (and everyone else there!) through to their German partners in Hamburg , everyone was friendly, professional and completely knowledgeable.

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Eugene contacted me over the weekend to let me know it would not be a weekend delivery then contacted me Sunday with a Time frame for today. I liked the quick turnaround on getting a quote after I had my final inventory, and the detailed breakdown of costs with explanations. Matthew has been great in emailing back and forth with answers to my questions and I have so far found the experience easy to organize. Christopher is professional, courteous and reassuring. It’s comforting to know someone is taking care of all the details and that you’re in good hands. Communication with Schumacher was clear, courteous and to the point. My furniture was held up for three weeks because it was picked by Customs for an inspection, and I received clear notification when this was over and shipping from NYC to Michigan was very fast after that.

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